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Various nude images of blonde Hollywood babe Pamela Anderson

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Pamela made the cover of Playboy a record dozen times. Hugh Hefner’s popular men’s magazine has been a part of her career since her early beginnings as an actress and has helped her become America’s undisputed nineties sex symbol. As you can see from the various pics below, Pamela is an absolute babe; her extremely hot and sexy body is the stuff that dreams are made of. She’s vocal about her sexuality too and this MILF still appears scantily clad in public which makes her the constant target of photographers and tabloid writers alike. But it seems she doesn’t care as she continues to be what she really is, a voluptuous blonde celebrity who became famous for her fake breasts and controversial sex tapes. Nudity is not an issue with Pam and here are the pictures that prove it.

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